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Our ever expanding range of home baked cakes and delicious desserts can now be enjoyed with our new range of leaf teas as well as delicious Pizza (The First Friday night in the month only).

In wishing to increase and improve the products we provide, Divine has sought to source an extensive and exciting range of high quality leaf teas from around the world.

Working with carefully chosen suppliers Divine have and will continue to sources teas which we believe deliver great flavours and genuine health benefits to our customers.

"Because life is too short to drink bad tea..."

Our Tea of the Week

Ceylon Tea

Green and lushly fertile, the island republic of Sri Lanka lies in the Bay of Bengal, just below the southeastern tip of India. Sri Lanka was formerly a British crown colony known as Ceylon, a name it kept for nearly a quarter-century after independence. It was during the British era that tea first began to be cultivated and manufactured here. Tea from Ceylon soon gained the reputation of being the finest in the world, and tea exports became the mainstay of the colonial economy. Housewives and restaurateurs across the globe grew familiar with the name of the country, learning that its appearance on a tin or packet reliably guaranteed the quality of the tea inside. Independence brought new markets, and production continued to increase. In 1965 Ceylon became, for the first time, the world's largest exporter of tea.

When the country changed its name to Sri Lanka in 1972, its premier industry was faced with a knotty problem. Ceylon was not only the former name of the country; it was also one of the world's leading brands, familiar to consumers from Virginia to Vladivostok - a brand the industry had been actively promoting and investing in since the early 1930s. Abandoning it would deliver a setback from which there could be no easy recovery. The cost of promoting and establishing an unfamiliar new brand, 'Sri Lanka Tea', would be ruinous.

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